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First I had to wait over two months for them to send me the special "registration code" which you need to get a login ID on their site. (Buh?!)

Then it took me six tries to enter an ID and password they liked. (I was in the process of reading their rules for the third time when the site suddenly accepted a form it had already rejected, without me clicking again!)

Then I had to spend half an hour - much of it being led in circles - finding where to tell it I wanted caller ID, and "persuading" it to let me actually get that. (How many times do I have to tell you I don't want paperless billing?!)

Within seconds of finally clicking on the Accept button, I got a call congratulating me on my new account.

I'll wait and check my bill this month to see if they think this is actually a new account...
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Just as I was finishing my previous post, the phone rang. This is the third time in a week AT&T has called to offer me DSL service. This time the caller flat-out lied to me. "We've never offered this service in your area before..." "I had it before, and didn't like it." "...and we're offering a special deal."

I'm on the national Do Not Call list, but this apparently doesn't apply to "legitimate" businesses. How do I get them to stop calling, since telling them to stop isn't working?!

Seriously, I am just about ready to switch services.

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