May. 21st, 2010 08:41 pm
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We had some hard rain, earlier, and naturally one of my downspouts is clogged. Worse, the water was pouring over the rear of the gutter and splashing against a storm window. As soon as I noticed I opened the inside window, and saw that water had indeed entered and was pooling in the bottom of the window sill.

I frantically brought a drill upstairs and - after several false starts and return trips to the basement for additional equipment - got three drain holes drilled to let the water out the bottom of the storm window.

As I was mopping up the residual water and making a mental note to unclog that downspout tomorrow, I heard a weird noise. Now, I'd been watching the NASA channel when the storm started, and they were showing scenes of the recent launch of _Atlantis_, using cameras mounted at various locations on the STS stack. I thought the sound was coming from that. However, when I went out back to check the gutters there, I realized it was sirens.

I hurried back inside and checked both online and the Weather Channel. Yep. There was a tornado alert for the next twenty minutes.

Anyway, the storms are past here, now, and things are peaceful. I was working Thursday on drainage around the house, and now see that I haven't done enough. Argh.
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The drive home from gaming tonight was not boring.

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