Sep. 10th, 2017

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As I was coming home from gaming last night (first time in five weeks, yay!) I noticed several utility vehicles with lights flashing at the substation across the river from my neighborhood. I was therefore not very surprised when I got home to see the display on my microwave blinking. My alarm clock had the right time but the alarm settings had been cleared. However, everything on a UPS was still fine, including my DVR (which was recording as it was set to).
This meant the power had been off long enough that those two appliances to lost their minds, but not long enough for the UPSes to run down. The outage had also happened long enough before my return for the alarm clock (which sets the time by shortwave receiver) to have the right time. 
I reset the alarm part of the clock (time and radio station) and shortly after went to bed. 
About 3:15 I was awakened by the UPSes beeping and the bright light of the flashlight plugged into one of the bedroom wall outlets coming on. (This is one of several emergency flashlights I have which operate this way. Very handy when the power goes off at night.)
From what I could see looking out the windows, the power was out for my neighborhood and part of downtown Frankfort. It came back on in about fifteen minutes. Since I didn't need to be up at any particular time I didn't bother with the alarm clock. This morning it was again on the right time and again I had to set the alarm. 

Update from the Frankfort Plant Board: Power should now be restored to all areas. There was a break-in at a substation where vandals destroyed some equipment. The police have been notified. We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers. 

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