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The local utility company is replacing the gas lines in my neighborhood. So this morning they started sawing the pavement in front of my house over half an hour before my alarm went off.
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Was planning to go shooting today. Among other things I wanted to test my first batch of .30 Carbine loads. However, when I went down into the basement to feed the cats I noticed an unpleasant odor. Thought maybe one of the felines had left something dead for me to find. When I went over to the shower to refill their water, though, I noticed there'd been a sewer burp through the floor drain.

I have to snake that line about once every two years. I'd noticed a minor burp about three weeks ago and ran some enzyme stuff down the drain which seemed to solve the problem. Unfortunately, not long-term. I snaked; no joy. I tried a garden hose running hot water straight from the heater. No joy. Tried the small end of the snake. No joy. Gave up and called a pro.

While waiting for them there have been two minor electrical flickers, both accompanied by remote booms.

Heh. The plumbers arrived while I was typing this and set right to work. And promptly lost the head off their power snake.

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