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Wow. Local forecast calls for around eleven hours of snow tonight, with more for tomorrow afternoon.

And it starts four hours early. Large flakes drifting down outside, weather radar shows more to come.
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When I got home, yesterday, I couldn't pull far enough into my driveway. I live on a hill, and not only is the street in front of my house steep but the first part of the driveway is a steep uphill run. A neighbor had parked his SUV directly across from my drive, and not even at the edge of the street, so I didn't have enough room to swing wide and approach nearly straight. There just wasn't enough traction at either end to get far enough into the drive with the wheels cocked that far over. In fact, I started sliding sideways, fortunately away from the car in the drive immediately uphill from mine.

I parked on the street in front of my house and went inside. I fed the cats, started Trebuchet (my current MUSH client) changed clothes, grabbed my snow shovel and started work.

After about twenty minutes I had the end of my driveway, the accessible portion of the street across from it and part of the street below it, as well as a patch behind where my car was then parked, reasonably free of slush and snow. This time getting well into my driveway was actually easy. My car was off the street for the night. :-)

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