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Some of the people reading this know that I have one of these modular pistols in .40 S&W. You will also remember I have been having reliability problems with it. I think I found the problem. And it's something SIG should have replaced when I sent it to them shortly after buying the gun.

The first time I field stripped the pistol I noticed the unusual recoil spring. It is a coil of several wires coiled together, with a single wire making a turn and a half on one end. This wire went against the flute on the rear of the guide rod.

Last week, when I tried to field strip the gun, I discovered that this wire had slipped over the flute, and was interfering with the disassembly lever's operation. Greatly irritated, I started looking for a place to order a replacement. Found one, and the price was low enough I bought two.

The new springs arrived today. They are identical except that one end of each is painted blue... and there's no wire.

I'm now wondering if that wire has been the cause of my problems. And if so why SIG didn't replace that spring when I sent the gun to them.

I will test fire the gun with one of the new springs in place later in the week. If it functions perfectly, I will be *very* *angry* with SIG.
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Bought this last week. So far only mildly impressed. The concept behind this gun is that it is modular. The actual firearm - the part with the serial # registered with the BATFE - is a frame with the trigger, hammer and everything between. This slips into a grip, which can be subcompact, compact or medium sized. To go with this are an assortment of barrels and slides and magazines. With that one, central part, by mixing and matching, you can have firearms of three different sizes in 9X19, .40, .357 SIG and .45 ACP. (And maybe one or two others.) The 9X19 was made first, with the .40 only recently coming out.

I'd been wanting one of these simply because of the modular characteristics. It had received favorable reviews, focusing on the first-out 9X19 version and the modular potential. However, I waited for the .40. While I'm pleased to have the pistol there's also room for improvement.

Note that only the compact version is currently available. That may be the source of at least part of the problems I am experiencing. The slide is short and the barrel very short. One sacrifice made to modularity is that the internal layout is not very efficient. This is bound to affect both accuracy and reliability. If nothing else, the compact slide has a short sight radius. Also, with the short barrel and the tipping lock action, the barrel travels up and down a great deal. I'm hoping that buying the standard size parts when they are available will help greatly with that.

The gun shoots low and to the right with all three types of ammunition I have tried so far. The worst was Privi Partizan 180 grain TMJ (fully jacketed bullets with a flat point). At 25 meters it shot nearly 10 cm low and right; so low the first few rounds chewed through the heavy bottom beam of the target support. The group was also large. Interestingly, the same ammunition fired through my .40 HP-35 was just slightly below point of aim and grouped very well.

Reliability is also low. Every failure so far has been a failure to feed, with the round half the time nose-diving in the magazine, and the other half not lining up with the chamber. This with two different magazines. Both could be a problem with magazine design. I've only put 150 rounds through this gun so far, so maybe it will wear in and shoot better. However, I'm used to modern firearms being very close to 100% right out of the box.

On the positive side, the gun is solid. The parts disassemble with relative ease and go back together likewise, yet everything locks together tightly. Also, even the compact grip fits my slightly larger than average hand well. Recoil is quite manageable for a moderately potent round in a small gun. I look forward to assembling a full-size version when the parts become available.

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