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For those not in the know, last year I bought a P250 in .40 S&W. I have occasionally posted my travails with that firearm here, as well as what I did to finally make it reliable. (It still shoots far too low.)

Having convinced me it might be worth the trouble, I recently bought a caliber change kit, so I could shoot 9X19 in it. My first experience was not encouraging; several failures of the trigger to reset, and a number of cartridges which needed more than one try to fire. It also shot a bit high, and the groups were rather large.

This held true for the first hundred rounds. After that, the reset problem seemed to vanish (though I still had the hard primer problem) while the groups tightened and moved closer to point of aim.

So, after today's outing I gave it a thorough cleaning, a good lubing, and put it away to shoot again later. Hopefully, as it breaks in it will continue to improve.

Now, if I could only get the rear sight replacement for the .40 slide so *it* would shoot to point of aim.

SIG P250

Aug. 19th, 2009 03:54 pm
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New spring good!

Except for one brand which it *really* didn't like (Ultramax) I had no problems in about 300 rounds of several different loads.

With the Ultramax, I had one with a hard primer (fired second try) two which produced a noticeable lag in the slide returning to battery, and one which failed to feed.

It must have been the spring, all along.
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Tried some Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel. Gave up after firing four rounds. The thing would eject the empty, but not feed the next cartridge.

It's going back to SIG Saur.
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It's not a target pistol. It shoots low and to the right, less with top-quality ammunition. That said, with the good stuff I put fifty rounds of .40 S&W in 25cm at 25 meters using a bench rest.

Round 92 failed to feed on first attempt, being caught nose down in the mag. All others went fine.

One failure to feed in 100 rounds with a brand new pistol. Not bad; could be better. May need to put a few hundred more rounds through it before it's really reliable.

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