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Dec. 28th, 2010 12:03 pm
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Ringtail is doing better. The real test will come tomorrow, when they take the catheter out and see if he blocks again.

On top of everything else, he has an upper respiratory infection. This cat never goes outside. Neither of the other cats has been sick. Did he get it from me? I've been a bit under the weather, too, but by the time he got sick I was over it.
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My 14 year old cat, Ringtail, is in bad shape. I knew he was sick, thought it was a kidney or bladder infection since he was constantly dribbling urine, took him in to the vet first thing this morning. Turns out he had a mostly blocked urethra. He's never had this sort of trouble before.

They have him on an IV and several medications and are going to catheterize him in a bit. The vet was reluctant to give odds, but considering Ringtail's potassium level, thought he had only a bit better than even chance to rally.

He's been a very healthy cat most of his life, but about a year ago became very sick and lost a lot a weight. He never completely recovered from that.
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My oldest cat Ringtail took a turn for the worse last night, so I brought him in to the vet this afternoon. It doesn't appear to be serious, but since it's been hanging on for so long and since he's thirteen and since he's still recovering from that bad skin infection two months ago, he needs to be doctored every day. For two weeks.

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