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I just got an automated call. From my doctor's office. Reminding me of my appointment. Which I already went to. Three hours ago.
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Phone rang at just about 5 this morning. It was a recorded message, supposedly from the Commonwealth Credit Union. Yeah, but at five in the morning?! They said there was a question about my ATM card. I don't have a CCU ATM card.

There have been spoof e-mails and phone calls lately from someone pretending to be the CCU, apparently trying to get account information. I figure they figured calling early like that would have a better chance of working.

And then, just now, I got a robocall purporting to be from my credit card bank, checking "recent activity." The message said to press any key to continue. Only it just kept on as if I hadn't answered. I missed the number to call because I didn't have anything to write on, and because I picked up the answering machine cut off before the toll-free number was given.

I am plumb digustipated.

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