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Got my first retirement check yesterday (subsequent checks will be direct deposited). Looks like I'll be netting a bit more per month than when I was working.

No big spending spree, yet. Gotta see how much the new windows cost.
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My cow-orkers held my retirement luncheon today, at Jim's Seafood. I had fried Gulf shrimp. My, they've shrunk since I last had 'em.

Got a nice framed certificate and a gift card (Visa) for $100.

My mother was there; the said I could invite kin.

A nice little event.
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Subject: FW: Rod Smith's Retirement

As many of you may know Rod Smith will be retiring this Friday, March 30th, 2007, after 28 years and 11 months of service to the Transportation Cabinet. His dedication and service will be missed along with his unique ability to update HIS faster than anyone has ever seen within this division.

Rod spent his entire career either on scholarship at The University of Kentucky and here at The Division of Planning.

He graduated from Franklin County High School – May 1973.

Rod was in the Scholarship Program - worked summer employment in various Divisions within the Department of Transportation while attending the University of Kentucky.

Rod graduated from The University of Kentucky May 1978 with a B.S. Civil Engineering.

He was Appointed 5-16-1978 as a Civil Engineer Assistant, Transportation Planning – Systems Planning – Modeling Section Supervisor was A.M. Taqui.

He was reclassified to a Civil Engineer - 9-16-1979.

Rod held various positions and performed various duties over the years in the Division of Planning.

He was reclassified to a Transportation Engineer I - 9-16-1984.

Rod completed CPM program in 2002.

We will be celebrating Rod's retirement with a luncheon this Wednesday March 28th at Jim's Seafood. We wish Rod all the luck in the world in facing new adventures and new challenges from whatever life may bring his way.

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