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Early last Summer I got some bids on tree work in my back yard. I selected one, and told the guy to go ahead. Before he could get to me, he hurt his hand very badly on another job. After waiting months and only getting "Eventually" from the first guy, I finally got in touch with someone else. Their bid was higher, but they could get to it the next Monday (tomorrow, as this is written).

Guess who just stopped by and said he could do the job tomorrow? I hated having to turn him down - not least because he would be cheaper - but I've already told the second guy to do it.

This past three days has been so aggravating, in so many ways. This was just the rancid icing on the stale cake.
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Called - long distance - a company to arrange the return of a product for servicing/repair. Went through the automated menu to select the correct department. _Then_ got a recording that the offices were closing at 3:00 (my time and theirs) for the holiday. Only it was already eight after.

Ah, well; I used their online request submittal form, which doesn't get a vacation. :-)

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