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Home and safe. Return trip was much quicker and less stressful, even with the ditz in the Hundai with dealer's tags who kept passing me, getting in front of me and slowing.

Already copied my photos over. May start working on them tonight.
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Overall the trip was nice, but I had a really bad time going through Cincinnati. Mainly because of idiots using I-75 for short, local trips which would actually be quicker using local roads. Wound down after a couple of hours at the con, then had some fun but now crashing early. Nice room to do it in, fortunately, complete with king bed. Quick and easy Internet connection for my laptop, too.

Ate too much at the chocolate party, but tummy settling down, now. Which is part of what's making me sleepy. Another part is heavy doses of allergy medicine.

Cookies turned out nice, but a bit lacking in character. Ran short of brown sugar and had to substitute about a cup of white. Taste okay and good texture; think I'm finally getting the hang of using new formula Crisco. Now I'm wondering how cookies with all brown sugar and no white would be.

My room is on the top floor, across and one down from the con suite. May be a bit noise, but MillenniCon usually isn't too boisterous.

Ugh. Just had a _huge_ yawn. Definitely think I'll head to bed, soon.

Bought a nice centaur sculpture from Laura Reynolds, and the new Kitty the Werewolf book. That's it, so far. Dealers' room is a bit small, but it usually is for this con.
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Do not use the Klingon jail as a babysitter!
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I arrived safely at the con yesterday, but couldn't get online until today. Was miserable with allergies yesterday (along with many others) but better today. Only been to one panel, but that's not unusual. Got arrested and put in the Klingon jail by one of the staff members. (!)

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