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I finally finished revising and expanding the fourteenth Masks story, readable here:

Note that there are some adult situations in the tale.

I not only extensively re-wrote the tale but added considerably more material.
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Part XII is at:

As always, there is adult language and situations.
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Hey! My Masks stories have a mention on TV Tropes:

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There was a time... While other aerospace companies were building machines, Lockheed was making creatures of myth...
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The opening scene:

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Short enough that I don't think it needs a LJ-Cut:

"This is the Sanctum," said Brade, sounding awed. "Has to be."

"I thought that was in West Virginia," said Blue Impact.

"That was where the clues they left led to," said Brade. "Shouldn't surprise anyone that a group including three of the greatest masterminds of all time would be somewhere besides where the clues led to."

"I thought the Sanctum was... bigger," said Energia, looking around.

"There were only five of them," said Brade. She was also looking around, but her gaze was distant. Perhaps seeing a former era. "The Five Great Powers, they called themselves. They almost took over the world."

"It took Dr. Freysdottir, the Night Master, the Dragon's Hand, Nightmist, Double Dutch, Schmetterling, Bookkeeper and Mack Risk to bring them down," said Blue Impact. "The only time that particular group ever joined together. Even they barely succeeded."

"This all needs to be thoroughly examined," said Brade. "Then disposed of appropriately. Until then, it needs to be guarded."

"This needs to be given an archeological examination!" said Blue Impact. "This... is history!"

"They can do that after a team of gadgeteers disarms the place," said Brade, flatly. "Some of this stuff is... world-class dangerous."

She gave a humorless laugh and shook her head.

"The Magnificent Lung, force behind the Communist revolution in China," she said, in counterpoint to the previous listing of names. "The Winter Bear, likewise the hidden power behind Stalin. The Briton, racist maniac who wielded a sword he claimed was Excalibur. The King of the Rom, who turned out to be nothing he claimed he was. Then there was the Aryan, who was."

"I suggest a combination of T.O.W.E.R. forces, security personnel from the Assembly, and volunteer supers," said Blue Impact. "Even if this isn't the Sanctum, there's enough stuff here to tempt a lot of people."
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The tenth installment in my Masks series has been posted at:

This may not be worksafe, due to violence, language and implied sexual situations.
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The eighth Masks story has been posted at:

Note that this story contains strong sexual situations and gory violence.
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The sixth Masks story is now posted:
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Be warned that this is darker and more sexually explicit than previous entries.

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