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In today's news, retailers learn that lowering prices will increase sales! Who knew?!
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I'm down to my last two pens from a box of Uni-Ball Micro 0.2mm in blue. Went to Office Despot. They only had that size in red. They checked to see of they could order more. The number off the box brought up Micro 0.5. Pointed this out. Confused, they tried again. Same result.

They even checked with Uni-Ball's Web site. Where they discovered there is no such thing as a Micro 0.2. Even though I had a box in my hand. The clerks quickly realized that the 0.5 used to be Extra Fine, but that the boxes of that size on the shelf are now labeled Micro. Which by Uni-Ball's own information is reserved for 0.2mm.

So it seems that Uni-Ball dropped the smallest size, and covered that by renaming the next smaller size.

I kept the box of Micro 0.2, just to prove it existed at one time.

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