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My HDMI cable came in yesterday's mail. It was a bit too short (should have bought two meters instead of six feet) but I moved a couple of things around and made it reach. Then started playing _The Incredibles_ in surround sound.

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Argh. Used income tax refund and some saved money to buy a modern home theater system and camcorder, to go with my six month old plasma HDTV, my year and a bit old GoVideo DVD recorder, my two VCRs and my Laserdisk player. The 21-year old Magnavox all-in-one-box-except-for-the-speakers turntable and radio is probably going to Goodwill.

That's at least four generations of home AV equipment. As mentioned previously, the TV and home theater are HDMI-equipped but didn't come with the appropriate cables, while the camcorder didn't come with an iLink cable. The cable box only has cable output (there's a punch-out hole with S-Video written under it); one VCR only has cable and Video/Sound; one VCR had those plus S-Video; the GoVideo machine has those plus Component, and the home theater and TV had all that plus HDMI and a couple of other things.

The manager and assistant manager of the local Radio Shack seem more interested in arguing with customers than selling things, so I've been ordering several different types of cable online. Until that arrives, just about everything is connected with cables. I also ordered a better FM antenna than came with the home theater system.

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