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Local health department is having an H1N1 vaccination clinic today from 10 to 6. Got there about 10:40. There was already a line of cars almost a quarter of a mile long, as clocked by my odometer. The coned off lane was even a bit longer than that. Outrageous.

They had to cancel a previous clinic, don't know why. Guess people are getting antsy.

I will try again after lunch, hoping that this was just the early birds determined to get a shot *right now* after not getting one at the canceled clinic.


Got my shot after lunch, no problems. (Two stalls, no waiting!) Even persuaded my mother to go get one.
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I'm boggling at recent polls on who in the US are planning to get vaccinated against H1N1. About a quarter of people say they don't plan to. Roughly the same percentage says they won't get their children vaccinated.

A few say they will change their minds if they see people around them getting sick.

Yeah, it's probably too late, then, but you go right ahead and wait.

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