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Nov. 11th, 2010 05:12 pm
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Nearly forty years ago, I bought - in Franklin, North Carolina - a variation on the braided wire 'commando' saw. Those are rated for wood and soft metals (read: aluminum) but not steel. They're a development of the Gigli bone saw, a type of surgical instrument. Take stainless steel wire with a square or triangular cross section, braid three or four strands together, and you have something which will quickly cut through bone, wood or sheet aluminum.

The saw I have is a magnum version of that. Because the manufacturer braided bits of tungsten carbide in with the wire. That thing will cut case-hardened steel. (I tested it on a rusted-shut padlock which needed to come off anyway.) I even managed to cut a groove in some quartz.

I want more of these. However, I have never been able to find any. There's no label on the actual saw (too small) and the packaging is long gone.

So, can anyone out there help me?
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There's a tool I really want. I have one, but it's old, I don't remember where I got it, it's getting worn, and I can't find any more. It's a variation on the Gigli saw: stainless steel wires with square cross-sections braided together, with a ring on each end. Cuts bone, wood and soft metals with speed. The variation has bits of tungsten carbide or carborundum braided in the wires. This is no "commando saw" but a serious tool for cutting hard metal. I used the old one to cut case-hardened steel (a fair-quality padlock I had lost the combination for) with little trouble, and even put a groove in quartz with a bit of work.

You'd think the "survivalists" alone would provide enough demand for such a tool. The potential uses by - as an example - military engineers and field mechanics also justify it. So why can't I find it? No-one makes this any more, that I have been able to discover. Oh, I can find "commando saws" and real Gigli saws. Just not this.

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