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I've lost five pounds this week, from the Recurring Spackle and Grout*. This started Sunday evening and the actual bug was most likely completely gone in under two days. However, anything which affects my gut causes lasting effects. Today I feel fine, though. If I can get my driveway cleared I'll be at gaming tonight.

However! When I cleared my front walk this morning there was a thin, hard layer of ice under the snow. If the currently weak sunlight can't thaw that, I won't be able to get my car up the driveway. :-(

*Old joke. Woman is having coffee with a friend when she asks about her host's husband. "Oh, he's in the bathroom with spackle and grout." "Oh, the poor dear," said the visitor, sympathetically. "My Jim had that all last week!"
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Read no further if you don't want the gruesome details.

You have been warned.

I've been fighting a GI bug which is going around here since late Sunday. Slowly recovering from that. I've also had a rough week in other ways. Had an ENG (IIRC Electro NeuroGram, or nerve conduction test) Monday, had my teeth cleaned Tuesday (need two fillings; replacement scheduled for next Monday) and been through two sessions of physical therapy (and also doing the exercises at home). I managed to mow my grass late Wednesday, which didn't help things but needed to be done.

Now, I seem to be losing my voice.

Woke up coughing and hacking as usual this morning. However, it isn't stopping. I've got a lot of phlegm in my upper lungs, and my voice is raspy. I also just flat feel exhausted. Will hopefully take a nap in a bit.

I would hate to miss gaming tonight. For one thing, in two weeks I'll be at the NASFiC, and missing anyway. I attended last week but started for Lexington late, not stopping to get any comics. So this would be two weeks of comics missed.

Ah, well; maybe the nap will help.
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Was feeling tired and down all week. Thought it was a combination of things; allergies, weather changes, holiday preparations, office holiday luncheon. Now I'm convinced I had some kind of bug. Yesterday I started feeling chilled. Even turned the thermostat up. Got *really* cold around ten. Then started feeling better.

Went to bed early, still feeling kinda sick. Woke early (really early) feeling so much better I had trouble getting back to sleep. An hour and a half later, after a series of long "naps" I got out of bed feeling great.

Still have a lot to do - such as wrapping presents - but now looking forward to it.

So, despite the weather not being nearly as bad as promised, I made the right decision staying home last night and skipping gaming.

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