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It seems that studios wait until the actor identified with a role to die before remaking the movie or TV show.

There has been repeated talk of a _Forbidden Planet_ remake.

Leslie Nielsen recently died.

Dear Ghu (Purple Be His Name) let me be wrong...
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A few years ago I read about a plan to remake the classic SF movie _Forbidden Planet_. The consensus among fans of the film was "No, no, no! They did it right the first time!" The project, as with most Hollywood projects, faded away with no lasting result.

However, some of the same fans followed their panning of the idea with a meritorious one of their own: Make the sequel.


"Sequel?!" you say. "They blew the planet up!" But did they?

Go back and watch the confrontation between Morbius and the ID Monster. He drops to the floor without being touched. People were left to assume he had a stroke or something, from the strain of turning the monster away. With (presumably) his last breaths, he tells Commander Adams to perform a simple sequence of events. Then says this has started an irreversible planetary self-destruct, and he must take Altaira and leave.

Now, back up here, a minute. This was supposedly a lab for evaluating and training children. Is this the sort of place to have controls for starting a reaction which would destroy the planet and which could not be stopped once started? Uh-HUH. Right. The Krell were _how_ wise?

Remember that Morbius learned how to work the equipment by trial and error. So how did he know about that specific sequence, unless he'd used it before?

The answer is simple. Morbius was faking his death. That sequence probably activated some sort of self-cleaning cycle, or something else equally innocuous.

Yeah, driving off the ID Monster took a lot out of him. He was exhausted, and in emotional turmoil. He knew that the only way to make sure his daughter was safe was to die, but if he did others would come and try the booster, starting the whole ID Monster process over again. So he quickly devised a way to get her off the planet and make it appear to be destroyed, using the Great Machine. Then he concealed its presence.

And the Commander went along with it. You can see it in his eyes. No protest, no questions. He just did what Morbius said, pretending that the old man is telling the truth.


The sequel begins fifty years later. A routine scientific survey of the Altair system finds a planet reported destroyed half a century earlier. They send a message to Earth (technology has improved over that in the first movie, naturally) and are ordered to land. They find the remains of the colony ship, and signs of the landing of the United Planets Cruiser C-57D from the first movie, as well as the house. Everything seems to be in perfect order, as if the owners left recently. They can't find a power source, but aren't too concerned about it. Then they find Morbius' study and the secret door to the corridor which leads to the Krell lab. And realize they've found alien technology.

They examine the equipment, find the shuttle car but decide not to use it just yet. They examine the darkened gages, not noting that one has just a sliver of light showing. They speculate on what the gages are for, as well as the rest of the equipment. A message from the ship interrupts them; orders from Earth. They are to under no circumstances attempt to use any of the equipment. (The scientists are insulted; they know better, of course.) They are, instead, to thoroughly document everything they see and return to Earth soonest. A specialized team will then be dispatched to continue the investigation.

It's late in the day, getting dark. They landed near the house, so they decide to document the lab that evening, before returning to the ship for the night. Tomorrow they can explore the rest. As they're wandering around the lab, though, indicators begin to light. Gage after gage, row after row, bank after bank, all the way around the room... One member of the team speculates this might be mood lighting, for end of shift.

And outside, strange footprints begin to appear in the sand...

Wikipedia link to the movie:

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