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Since I started handloading the 10mm cartridge about eight months ago I've seen more split cases than in the previous 28 years.

Don't know if it's 'cause of the high pressures of the round, that I've belled some too much, or some combination.
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Finally got to shoot the 10mm Colt Delta Elite I bought at the Lexington gun show last weekend.

I took a hundred rounds - fifty each of Remington UMC and BVAC, both 180 grain FMJ JFP. The former was definitely a bit hotter, and shot a touch closer to point of aim. However, the BVAC had smaller groups. In fact, my best group - the last five rounds I fired, at 25 yards - was with the BVAC. It was just over 2.5", a little low and to the right. This with a gun which has simple, three-dot sights, though from a rest.

The gun was purchased NIB, unfired. That group was shots 96 through 100 *ever put through this gun*. Even during this hundred rounds I tell that the point of aim was shifting slightly. Another couple of hundred and the parts should be settled in. I can't wait to see how will it will be shooting by then.

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