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2017-07-22 08:58 am

Strange Days

Argh. I missed Saturday night gaming two weeks ago because I was exhausted after having a cat put down the day before. (As much from the relief of his suffering being over as from grief, I admit.) So, I really wanted to go last Saturday. I therefore went even though I hadn't slept well the night before. 

That was a mistake. I didn't participate much and actually dozed through part of it, which was no reflection on our novice game master but on my poor judgement. 

Then I had trouble staying awake to drive home. Which could have been Very Bad. 

I haven't slept well this week. Nothing serious; just off and on being a bit less than alert during the day. Mostly due to restless sleeping from multiple causes. One of them being a cat who has somehow picked up the habit of occasionally meowing loudly at random times of the day and night.

I had all those last night. Plus a leg cramp waking me at 7:20 (on a Saturday) then not being able to do more than doze afterwards. I finally gave up and got up early (at least for me on a Saturday morning) about an hour later. 

If I can't get a good nap - maybe after lunch - I won't be going to Lexington today. 

I hate missing again. However, as demonstrated last week, this could be a matter of safety. 
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2017-07-21 11:50 am

He Had a Bad Day


A bit of the background history from the setting of my Masks stories:

October 29, 1955 In a landmark court case, a jury accepts a criminal mastermind's defense that he didn't intend his deathtrap to actually kill a costumed hero, but only delay him while the mastermind committed other crimes. It just happened that in this case the hero had a bad case of the flu and died due to being unable to escape in time. The jurors - and many others interviewed on the matter - say they had no problem believing this is the actual purpose of deathtraps, given how often they fail. The mastermind was subsequently found guilty of accidental manslaughter instead of murder. 

The first two Masks stories can be found at:


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2017-07-21 09:04 am
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2017-07-18 10:27 am

Yours 'Till the End of the World Rolls Around

We need art showing a tardigrade and Keith Richards toasting the Earth as it's swallowed by the Sun, billions of years from now. :-)
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2017-07-14 11:04 pm

Common Problem

Like so many of us, Congress is having problems with their medical bill.  
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2017-07-13 09:08 am

Juno Probe Image

Here is a high-resolution image from the Juno probe of Jupiter's Great Red Spot:
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2017-07-13 08:19 am


Most Summer mornings I air the house out from right after I get up until it's too hot. This morning the thermometer was already showing 78F.

Welcome to the future. A hot time in the old globe tonight.  
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2017-07-08 05:15 pm

Second Masks Story

The second Masks story - in which Template helps establish a school for superhuman teens - is now available from Doppler Press via Amazon:

Corrected link. 
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2017-07-08 10:28 am

Cat Tears

I just teared up going through Calendar and deleting the notifications for Michael's medications. 
(A reminder, this was my 12 year old cat who had to be put down yesterday.)
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2017-07-07 03:19 pm

Said Goodbye to My Cat

I lost my 12 year old cat Michael today. Had to have him put down. He was so weak he was gone before the vet left the room to fetch his stethoscope. 
That's two different and unrelated cats in three years to die from a rare (and different for each) cancer. My usual vet said he'd never before seen a case of what Michael had.
The specialist I went to in Lexington gave Michael one to six months a bit over a month ago, and said sooner was more likely than later. 
Michael started going downhill Wednesday evening, then rallied Thursday morning. He was well enough that I gave him his scheduled dose of chemotherapy drug. Within hours he was going downhill again. Before this he'd tolerated the drug very well, but either it was too much by then or the anemia had just progressed too far. 
I had him for over 11 years. 
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2017-07-04 05:00 pm

Painful Experience

I'm getting ready to host the LexFA meeting at my place this Sunday. We'll meet here then go downtown for an economic suicide mission. 

That will be relatively painless compared to what I've been through the past three days. I've scraped my right calf, stubbed toes, broken a lamp shade, jammed fingers and generally had a persistent klutz attack the whole time. I still need to mop the kitchen and clean the bathroom. 

Pray for me...
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2017-07-03 05:49 pm

12 Year Old Cat Update

Had my 12 year old cat Michael to the vet this afternoon, for his one-month checkup since starting chemotherapy. Everything was fine with Michael except that he's severely anemic and losing weight. Both attributable to the cancer. 
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2017-07-02 10:42 am

She Drives Me Buggy!

Mother is definitely feeling better. I took her to the grocery yesterday, and though she was tired afterwards (I was, too, actually) she was satisfied. 
This morning we talked on the phone. She spent a lot of time complaining about bugs in her kitchen. :-)
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2017-06-30 10:23 am

Prehistoric Dentistry

Something else we have in common with Neanderthals.

That looks painful:

Worksafe, unless your boss is an orthodontophobe.
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2017-06-29 08:50 am

Up All Night Again

Up most of the night, sitting with my Mother in the hospital again. Not the same problem, but likely related. Tests didn't show the cause, but some results won't be back for days. 
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2017-06-25 08:27 am

A Night of Little Sleep

The phone rang a little after 11 last night. I knew it was either a wrong number or my mother with an emergency. Turned out to be the latter. She was sick and wanted me to come over. Once there and seeing how sick she was, I tried to get her to let me take her to the hospital, but she didn't want to go. She made several excuses, including being too sick to make the trip.
By the time she decided she wasn't getting better and really did need to go to the hospital, she actually was too sick for me to drive her. She said later "I'd never have made it in your car." I called 911. The EMTs checked her out, confirmed she really needed more medical attention than they could give, and transported her in a very slow and gentle trip (she was *very* nauseous) with me trailing behind in the Mustang. 
Filling in some info, she had been feeling unwell since eating some Kroger chicken salad for supper. Which was aggravated by the peanut butter and crackers she had for a late snack for taking her medications. She didn't actually feel seriously unwell until some time after she went to bed. After suffering for a while she called me. 
After giving her nausea medication and taking a bunch of blood samples plus a CT scan the hospital staff decided they couldn't confirm exactly what had caused the problem, but she was over the worst of it and could go home. 
I took her back, opened a bottle for her then came to my home. Got elder cat Michael his morning medication, fed and watered the cats, took some medication of my own, got the paper in and sat down to type this. I hope it's coherent. 
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2017-06-24 05:58 pm

Medication Mess

Okay, for my nasty insect sting the Nurse Practitioner I saw this morning wanted me to take Benadryl, but twice the usual 25mg dose. I already had some of that, but she wrote a prescription for the 50mg version. However, the pharmacy I use didn't have any of that, so they gave me twice as much of the 25mg. However, since that's non-prescription strength, my health insurance wouldn't cover it. So I wound up paying full price for something I already had plenty of at home, just in a prescription bottle. :-(
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2017-06-24 12:15 pm

Looks Like I'll Be Eating the Gaming Snacks Again

I got stung by something yesterday while I was mowing my back yard; right through my long pants. 
I now have a huge, red welt on the outside of my right thigh, a bit more than halfway up. I just got back from the doctor's office. I'm supposed to keep it iced and take prescription-strength Benadryl. (Which means I have to go get the prescription later.)
I didn't see what stung me, but I was mowing clover with honey bees, bumble bees and wasps around. It didn't hurt as much at first a last year's yellow jacket stings, but has since become much worse. I'm actually limping. 

Looks like I'm missing Saturday night gaming, again...

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2017-06-21 05:36 pm

Published Before

Back in 2005 I had a short story published in the anthology Running the Line. This is still available from Lulu:

The anthology featured short stories exploring the beanstalk (that is, elevator to orbit) concept. 
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2017-06-20 11:30 am

New Photos of Mt. Saint Helens Eruption Found in Old Camera

A woman with the hobby of buying olc cameras and checking them for undeveloped film found something extraordinary.

Increasing the oddness, the 135 film camera was made in 1938!!