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I lost my 12 year old cat Michael today. Had to have him put down. He was so weak he was gone before the vet left the room to fetch his stethoscope. 
That's two different and unrelated cats in three years to die from a rare (and different for each) cancer. My usual vet said he'd never before seen a case of what Michael had.
The specialist I went to in Lexington gave Michael one to six months a bit over a month ago, and said sooner was more likely than later. 
Michael started going downhill Wednesday evening, then rallied Thursday morning. He was well enough that I gave him his scheduled dose of chemotherapy drug. Within hours he was going downhill again. Before this he'd tolerated the drug very well, but either it was too much by then or the anemia had just progressed too far. 
I had him for over 11 years. 

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