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The phone rang a little after 11 last night. I knew it was either a wrong number or my mother with an emergency. Turned out to be the latter. She was sick and wanted me to come over. Once there and seeing how sick she was, I tried to get her to let me take her to the hospital, but she didn't want to go. She made several excuses, including being too sick to make the trip.
By the time she decided she wasn't getting better and really did need to go to the hospital, she actually was too sick for me to drive her. She said later "I'd never have made it in your car." I called 911. The EMTs checked her out, confirmed she really needed more medical attention than they could give, and transported her in a very slow and gentle trip (she was *very* nauseous) with me trailing behind in the Mustang. 
Filling in some info, she had been feeling unwell since eating some Kroger chicken salad for supper. Which was aggravated by the peanut butter and crackers she had for a late snack for taking her medications. She didn't actually feel seriously unwell until some time after she went to bed. After suffering for a while she called me. 
After giving her nausea medication and taking a bunch of blood samples plus a CT scan the hospital staff decided they couldn't confirm exactly what had caused the problem, but she was over the worst of it and could go home. 
I took her back, opened a bottle for her then came to my home. Got elder cat Michael his morning medication, fed and watered the cats, took some medication of my own, got the paper in and sat down to type this. I hope it's coherent. 
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