Jun. 20th, 2017

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I have noticed twice in two days half of a cat thyroid pill, showing signs of having been wet but now dry, on the basement floor.

The first time was last night, right after I gave Michael his evening dose. The other was this morning. A few days ago I found an entire, dry pill (his morning dose) in the dry food bowl!

After last night I've been checking his mouth to make sure he actually gets the pill or half-pill down. I think he's learned to fake swallowing. 

This may be why he's so gaunt. His hormone level was still a little high the last time the vet checked, which is why the vet had me add the half-pill in the evening. 
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A woman with the hobby of buying olc cameras and checking them for undeveloped film found something extraordinary. 


Increasing the oddness, the 135 film camera was made in 1938!!

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