Jun. 12th, 2017

stickmaker: (Bust image of Runner)

Gave Michael his second dose of chemo. Or tried to.

I wasn't expecting much trouble; the capsule is very small and it went right in the back of his mouth, first try. Then he spit it back out. After several tries the capsule fell apart. I got the pieces down him, as well as his thyroid medicine, but I don't know how much of the capsule he actually got. It was literally in pieces, which went on his fur, on the floor and on my hand. Afterwards I washed with soap and water, and left him peacefully eating his Fancy Feast pouch treat. 

The instructions were very emphatic about making sure he got the dose, either on time or late. Only, there's no way to tell how much he got. :-(

I am literally shaking. My hand are actually doing well this morning, but my gut was a bit upset before this debacle. I am just not capable of reliably giving cats pills, but there's no-one else. Unless I want to cage him twice a week and let someone at the vet's office do it. They've already said they'd do this for no charge. I bet they'd change their minds after a couple of times...

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