May. 24th, 2017

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Excerpt from an almost completed fantasy novel:

        "Another Carolingian stonehead?" said Bergen, sourly.
"He's an exception," said Llewellyn. "An open-minded, well-educated man. Moreover, one who speaks his mind and acts on what he believes. His rank is too high for him to be overtly disciplined for trying to bring improvement from within. It also doesn't hurt that he gets better results among outsiders than most of his countrymen. However, he is aging and when he retires is not likely to be replaced by someone equally able."
"Carolina used to select its representatives to other courts for their fanatical loyalty to their King," said Magda, a hint of amusement in her voice. "Eventually they realized they were being laughed at for their ignorance of the world. This was especially undesirable when this caused them to yield advantage due to not understanding the significance of something outside their experience. As well as embarrassing when it caused them exhibit confusion over well-documented matters of history."
"I'm not innocent enough to believe there's only one view of history," said Bergen, puzzled. "Is theirs really that different?"
"It's not just different, it contradicts easily provable facts," said Eadgar, actually scowling. He turned towards May-Belle, whom he knew had an interest in history. "At one function a few years ago, the Carolingian Ambassador kept bragging about how in 1705 their King Siegfried III conquered several small neighboring countries on the northeastern shore of the Mediterranean in order to acquire and improve their ports to take advantage of the increased trade the exploitation of the Western Lands created. When people pointed out that this was a decade before Abraham McWhirter reached the Western Lands the speaker enthusiastically exclaimed this proved the foresight of King Siegfried."
"Not that there was some sort of magical prediction," said Bergen, clarifying. "Just simple foresight. Of something completely unexpected, which even true seers missed."
"Exactly," said Eadgar, rolling his eyes. 
"Yes, that would make one subject to ridicule," said Bergen, in an ironic tone. 
"For the record," said Llewellyn, in a minor digression, "no-one seems to have made any confirmed predictions in regard to the discovery of the Western Lands. Whether oracle or vate, seer or soothsayer. The problem they all have is that information about the future provided by them is either very general or incredibly focused. Also, no-one thought to ask about new continents."   
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Archaeologists in Britain have found what may be the oldest continuously used
sacred burial ground in England:

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