May. 17th, 2017

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I was planning to clean my gutters today and unclog two downspouts. It's warm but cloudy with a bit of breeze. 
I got one downspout cleared and the gutter leading to it partially cleaned with a wand hose attachment. However, the worst downspout had a clog which I don't have a ladder tall enough to reach by hand, and the spray wand couldn't break through. 
I even took the bottom of the downspout off and shoved the hose - water running full - up as far as I could. Unfortunately, the clog is right at the top and I couldn't get the hose past that last turn. *Sigh*
I also noticed that there's so much shingle sand in the gutters that the spray wand wouldn't budge most of it. Water will still flow, but capacity is reduced. The  shingles at the worst section stick so far past the edge of the roof that I can't get my hands in to clean manually
After cleaning the drain I was also gonna' wash my old Mustang. However, I spent so much energy trying to unclog that downspout I'm putting that off. 

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