Apr. 29th, 2017

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I have long thought there was a barometric component to my gut troubles. Last night was a good example. I had some Captain D's fried fish for supper and had no problems. Three hours later my gut was just starting to grumble; so were the heavens, with distant thunder. I actually had heartburn bad enough I took some bicarbonate of soda. That greatly helped with the heartburn, but my gut was still upset. I had a milkshake, which usually solves the problem. It only helped some this time. A couple of hours after that I had some green tea and crackers.That didn't seem to help or hurt. The TV was giving repeated warnings about the approaching storms. 
Not long after I went to bed I had to get up and start taking different things. This included a probiotic and some generic Bentyl. I was up and down all night. 
Several storms passed through, and in the quiet between those my cats (at least one of them) kept fussing. I finally got up at 8 - after all the storms were through - fed them, opened the cat flap and went back to bed. Got up for good a little before 10. Still having problems. (I'm not the only one. Michael, the 12 year old who has to be given thyroid medicine, is off his feed today and only got a partial dose.)
Managed to eat lunch but even with more probiotics and Bentyl my gut is crunching. Probably won't be going to gaming tonight. 

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