Apr. 9th, 2017

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I slept almost ten hours last night. In terms of overall health I am feeling much better. However, my back and right hip are very stiff and sore. 
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In retrospect, I'm not surprised I got sick Friday evening.

I spent a large part of Tuesday morning kneeling or sitting on cold, wet ground planting a couple of chestnut crabapple saplings. This was a day when the wind blew cold, but without it the hot sun made me sweat. There was no happy medium. 

Wednesday I spent a large part of the afternoon getting my flower bed ready. The temperature was much warmer, and by the time I finished (read: gave up from exhaustion) I was spent. 

Thursday I had lunch with some friends, bought some groceries, then spent the afternoon and evening making cookies and baking bread.

So, yeah, by Friday I was tired. I thought the sneezing, coughing and nose-eye irritation which started late that afternoon was just allergies - and it's possible some of it was. By early Saturday morning, though, I had some sort of bug. 

I'm better today (Sunday). In that I feel fine unless I exert myself. *Exert* in this case including standing. 


Apr. 9th, 2017 05:20 pm
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I record Svengoolie on Saturday nights. Today, at home sick, I watched last night's program, which was _Rodan_ from 1956. (I kept expecting people to yell "It's as big as a battleship!" but _The Giant Claw_ came out in 1957.)

Most of the voices for the English dub were done by Paul Frees and Key Luke, with help from several others, including George Takei.

I like the way they manage to keep the tension while also not revealing the main monster until well into the movie. I admit to not being fond of the ending. I haven't seen the original (as I have with the original _Gojira_) so I don't know how much of the plot in this is true to it. It is a very different movie from _Godzilla_ (or even _Gojira_), actually taking a lot of the feel and some of the plot from _Them!_. 

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