Jan. 21st, 2017

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My oldest cat (Michael, about 12) has been sick for roughly a week. I suspect he's had the same gut virus I've had, which is going around here in Central Kentucky. He went off his feed, became dehydrated and lost weight.

I took him to the vet yesterday morning. (It's a mark of how sick he was that as sick as I was I had no trouble catching him). They ran some blood tests and discovered that he's underweight (I knew that) dehydrated (knew that, too) and had a bladder infection (which I didn't know). The vet gave him subcutaneous IV rehydration and four injections, including a two-week antibiotic. I also got a can of "cat pudding" a special very soft cat food for sick cats.

I got him home, brought the other two cats in and closed the cat door. Michael showed no interest when I fed the others. Later I opened the cat pudding and got him to eat about a teaspoon's worth by dipping my finger in and rubbing it on the side of his mouth. I also discovered this morning that he later ate what I had dropped while feeding him, and some of what I left on a plate nearby for him overnight.

This morning, when I finished in the bathroom he was lying in the hall. He went downstairs with the other cats. While petting him I noticed his gut had filled out a bit, confirming he'd eaten at least a little overnight. I gave the other cats some Friskies shreds and him some more of the "pudding." He at a little of that, but after the other cats finished and were let outside he licked the gravy off the shreds.

Later he came upstairs to pester me for scritches while I was working in my office. When I went downstairs to start the laundry he followed. He sniffed at the remaining Friskies, thought for a bit, decided he'd had enough for now, then went back to his spot to rest.

Hopefully his appetite has been jump started, and he'll gradually pick up the pace with his feeding, now. 
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Jerry Miculek - using a military-style semi-automatic rifle, firing one shot at a time - set a new world record this week of four shots on center target at center of mass, two head shots to the center target's head followed by two center of mass shots each on the left and right target. This is a rate of fire exceeding that of most assault rifles, only they're individually aimed shots, one at a time.

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Heh. Just had a funny image of a scene paraphrasing the one from the first _Iron Man_ movie. "This man built a time machine from a DeLorean! In a garage!"

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