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Universal Monster History




Rodford Edmiston





This was assembled from a combination of watching many hours of old movies and talking about them with like-minded folks, as well as searching online. Corrections, additions and opinions are welcome. 



1880s Heinrich (Henry) von Frankenstein completes his medical studies in Ingolstadt and returns to the ancestral castle home in the Swiss Bavarian village of Frankenstein, near the German border. 


1890s Henry - bored with the local politics and unable to practice medicine - begins researching the origins of life. He builds a modern (for the time) laboratory in an old watchtower near the castle. 


1898, Spring The Monster is created. (Frankenstein)


1898, Summer Henry and Elizabeth marry. The old Baron dies, and Henry inherits the title. 


1899, Spring Henry's old teacher - Dr. Pretorius - arrives in Frankenstein and encourages his student to continue his work by creating a mate for his Monster. The Bride homunculus is created, then destroyed by the Monster, along with Dr. Pretorius and the watchtower. (Bride of Frankenstein)


1905 Wolf von Frankenstein born. Lawrence (Larry) Talbot born.


1906 Ludwig von Frankenstein born. Later inherits the family estate in Vasaria, Austria.


1923 Larry Talbot leaves his family home to go to the US, where he eventually becomes an accomplished telescope maker and technician in Los Angeles.


1928 Wolf von Frankenstein marries American heiress Elsa. They meet while he is studying medicine in the US. She is of Swiss descent, from a disentitled but wealthy branch of a noble family. Wolf's younger brother Ludwig later names his eldest child in honor of his mother's aunt. This daughter later inherits her father's titles and properties. 


1929 Henry dies, and is buried with his experimental records in a secret crypt under the ruined watchtower. These include his work with Dr. Pretorius on the creation of the Bride homunculus and what survived of the documents Pretorius brought with him.


1930 Elizabeth moves the family to Vasaria.


1931 A vampire identifying himself as Count Dracula arrives in London. (Dracula)


Countess Marya Zaleska arrives to claim her father's body and attempt to break the family curse. (Daughter of Dracula)


Though she cremates his body, this is on an open funeral pyre and she leaves quickly, before the body is completely consumed. Afterwards someone discovers Dracula's skeleton, which is not only still intact but articulated, with the stake and Dracula's distinctive ring in place. Somehow, the skeleton is later acquired by a showman. 


Dr. Gustav Niemann - inspired by the accomplishments of Henry von Frankenstein - attempts the first known brain transplant. This fails, disastrously. He is subsequently sentenced to prison. (Dr. Niemann is the brother of Henry Frankenstein's assistant, Fritz Niemann.)


1935 Werwolf of London


During the next decade the supernatural and bizarre seem to be stimulated by the world's descent into war. 


1937 Mad shepherd Ygor hung, but survives. Begins living in the watchtower. Discovers and befriends the Monster.


1939 Wolf von Frankenstein returns to his ancestral home. (Son of Frankenstein)


Following these events, Wolf gives Ludwig both his notes on his study of the Monster and many of the records from their father's library. He may be unaware of the journals and notes interred with his father. 


1940 Ygor takes the weakened Monster to Vasaria to seek the aid of Ludwig von Frankenstein. (Ghost of Frankenstein 1943) 


After he is badly injured by the Monster, Ygor's brain is transplanted into its body. Shortly after - during a confrontation between the Igor Monster and Ludwig - he falls into a glacial cavern beneath the hospital. 

(Both Vasaria and the cross-border sister town of Visaria are a three-day wagon ride from Frankenstein village.)


1941 Larry Talbot returns to his family home in Llanwelly, Wales. There he becomes the Wolfman and is apparently killed by his father. (The Wolfman)


Sometime during this period, traveling showman Bruno Lampini acquires the staked body of "the original" Count Dracula.


1943 (Son of Dracula)


1945 With the War over, Europe tries to settle into a period of recovery. However, it was not to be, at least on the monster front. 


The tomb of Lawrence Talbot is violated by grave robbers. Revived by the full Moon, the Wolfman kills both of the men who disturbed his rest. Larry Talbot is later found wandering the streets with a severe head wound and amnesia. He comes under the care of surgeon and psychiatrist Frank Mannering. Eventually, he reconnects with Maleva. Together, they travel to Vasaria and Talbot finds the Monster frozen in glacial ice under the wreckage of the hospital. Dr. Mannering arrives and agrees to help cure or kill Talbot. Larry lures Baroness Elsa Frankenstein back to Vasaria, and convinces her to help him, as long as that includes destroying the Monster. She reveals the hiding place of Ludwig's notes. Eventually, both the Wolfman and the Monster are washed back into the ice cavern when the dam is blown. (Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman 1943)


Dr. Niemann and Daniel are freed from Neustadt Prison in a freak thunderstorm. 


Niemann and Daniel travel to the ruined Frankenstein castle in Vasaria, hoping to find Ludwig's lost records. They discover the Monster and Talbot frozen in ice in the cavern below. Talbot finds Ludwig's records and the group (which by now included the Rom woman Ilonka) travels to Niemann's old lab near Visaria (not Vasaria; a city with a similar name just across the border in Germany). During the second full Moon after their arrival Ilonka shoots the Wolfman with a silver bullet, dying in the process.


Alarmed by the horrible events of the past few weeks (Wolfman murders, kidnappings, strange doings at the old lab) villagers storm the lab. Niemann is injured and the Monster carries him into the grassy bog, but the villagers set fire to the grass. The Monster moves deeper into the bog - ignoring Niemann's warnings of quicksand - until they both sink into it. (House of Frankenstein 1944)


1947 Dr. Franz Edelmann purchases Niemann's laboratory and - with his assistants Milizia and the hunchbacked Nina - turns it in to a medical research and experimental treatment institution.


Dr. Edelmann has been working on a mysterious fungus, the clavaria formosa (One wonders what connection this might have with the elusive Mariphasa lumina lupina plant. Perhaps the fungus infested the plant or its soil, unknown to Dr. Glendon and Dr. Yogami?) to produce extracts which have the ability to reshape bone structure. What he does not know is that the same fluid can temporarily prevent werewolves from transforming.


Roughly a year later, a mysterious man calling himself Baron Latos arrives. He tempts Edelmann into delving into more arcane areas by pretending he wants to be cured of his vampirism. He also claims to be Dracula himself, though he provides little support for this. Lawrence Talbot arrives not long after, also seeking a cure. At one point, despairing of a cure before the full Moon rises that night, Talbot throws himself off a cliff. Seeking him, the Doctor finds both Talbot and the Monster. The latter was carried into the caverns by the quicksand, and though quiescent is still alive and holding the skeleton of Dr. Niemann. 


Exactly what Latos's original plans are is uncertain, but among other things he contaminates Dr. Edelmann with his blood. Despite this, Edelmann, Talbot and Milizia destroy the vampire with sunlight. Soon after - even though he is periodically transforming into his own monstrous form - Edelmann manages to temporarily cure Talbot. Villagers - believing the monstrous form of Edelmann is the Wolfman - follow him to the laboratory. Edelmann revives the Monster, but it is very weak. Edelmann kills Nina and fights the police and Talbot. Larry grabs a gun and shoots Edelmann. A fire starts, and the Monster is trapped inside; Talbot and the surviving attackers flee. (House of Dracula 1945)


1948 Larry Talbot discovers a plot by Dracula to revitalize the Monster in the United States. (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein)


This is apparently the "real" Dracula, or at least the individual who appeared in London in Dracula. Talbot identifies him as Dracula, but makes no mention of Baron Latos, his presumably only previous encounter with Dracula. 







Klausenburgh is a Romanian city in the Carpathian Mountains not far from Castle Dracula


Transylvania was the home of a 10,000 year-old werewolf queen known as Stirba. (The Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf)

Too Timed

Aug. 18th, 2017 08:18 am
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I went to bed twenty minutes early. Then woke up twenty minutes early. No extra sleep for me.

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Feeling a bit proud at the moment. The last time we had a solar eclipse here - a partial, back in the Seventies - I made a pinhole projector from a cardboard box and some craft paper. My Mother remembered this and asked for a repeat performance. 
Now, I have some safe viewing glasses, but she's not sure she can use them. It was the work of a half an hour, using a cardboard box, a couple of white, opaque comic book backing boards a lot of duct tape and a large safety pin to make another pinhole projector. The box isn't quite large enough - the Sun only projects to a bit over a quarter of an inch - but otherwise this worked very well. 
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_The Monster Squad_ is thirty:

Uhm, Yuck?

Aug. 9th, 2017 09:36 am
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Nasty Cold

Aug. 8th, 2017 10:34 am
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I felt run down all day yesterday, and towards evening developed a bad cough. By the time I got to bed I was actually chilled. I spent part of the night feverish, coughing and restless. Turned the alarm off after feeding the cats at 6:30 and slept late. That helped some. Fever seems to be gone and the cough is better. Still pretty listless.  

I suspect this is why I had trouble sleeping several of the past few nights. I tend to get restless when a cold is coming on, even before the actual symptoms are noticeable. 


Aug. 6th, 2017 10:29 am
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Got nearly ten hours of sleep last night and I'm feeling much bette.r 


Aug. 5th, 2017 09:27 am
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Lightning strikes river:

Worksafe; I just wish resolution was higher.


Aug. 5th, 2017 08:30 am
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Unfortunately awake, due to cat bringing live cicada into kitchen.
Went into kitchen, confirmed presence of both cat and cicada. Bug was *not* happy. 
Opened kitchen window and screen, intending to throw cicada out and go back to bed. 
Cicada - through brains, luck or combination - preempted me, escaped cat and flew out. (Wow, are those things fast.)

Tried going back to bed; too awake. Also too sleepy to do much useful. At least safely.

So, I'm awake early on a Saturday morning (after getting to bed late due to computer problem) with little chance of more sleep. Looks like no gaming tonight for me. :-(

My life is an unsold sitcom. 


Is It Safe?

Aug. 4th, 2017 10:55 pm
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How to tell if your eclipse-viewing glasses are safe:
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I had a scare this morning. I got up at 6:30 to take my thyroid medicine, and noticed that the bathroom trash had been knocked over and partially emptied. 
Shortly after I first got my current two cats I caught the calico in the bathroom playing with some dental floss I had tossed the day before. I was careless and part of it was left draped over the rim. Cats can die very painfully from swallowing things like floss and thread. Fortunately, she hadn't gotten that far. Since then I have been very careful that when I finish with floss it goes well into the trash can, and there have been no problems. Until today.
I quickly searched through the trash, looking for the floss. I couldn't find it. Then I heard a sound from the kitchen which could have been sneezing... or gagging. I hurried there and found both cats apparently fine. Back in the bathroom, another check discovered the floss. I relaxed hugely. 
I dumped the bathroom trash in the main trash can, fed the cats (they were both hungry) opened the cat flap and went back to bed. (Yes, I got my medicine down somewhere in there.) This morning both cats are still fine. 
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The download only *just now* finished! Win10 has restarted, and is installing the updates. I just hope I don't have to leave things running all night for *that*! 
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I pride myself on being able to make repairs. Often very unconventional repairs. 
I was checking one of my Aladdin mantle lamps (strongly recommended, BTW) and noticed that the ring which holds the chimney in place wasn't staying attached to the base. Looking closer I noticed a partial split in that ring. 
I don't have replacement parts for that except to replace the entire burner assembly. I don't think anyone sells just that part; it's not supposed to come off. The split wasn't complete, so if I could get the ring to stay on the burner the chimney would lock in place normally. How to do that, though? I don't have any welding equipment, and soldiering wouldn't work because the parts get hot. 
Then I remembered something. I had some epoxy for high temperature repairs on cars, such as patching exhaust pipes. (I also had some high temperature vulcanizing stuff but decided on the epoxy as it had more body.)
The epoxy comes as a concentric roll, with epoxy and catalyst one inside the other. You cut off what you need and knead it together. It's pretty thick, but I mixed it good and rolled it as thin as I could. I then pressed this around the outside of the burner assembly. Then I pressed the loose ring on. This actually shaved off most of the epoxy, leaving just a thin layer between the burner and the ring. Which is exactly what I wanted. I made sure the ring was fully seated, rubbed the outside clean and now will wait a while before trying the chimney. I believe the epoxy/catalyst mix needs heat to fully activate, so I'll probably burn the lamp for a while. Or maybe not. It has enough tack to hold firm even uncured. 
There's lots of stuff at auto shops which can be used for non-auto repairs. I like aluminum and stainless steel repair tapes. I also like a fiberglass tape which is impregnated with heat-activated epoxy. This is normally for muffler repair, but if you have something hot which is leaking... These are also good places to find high-temp Loctite and generics. 
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Win10 is downloading an enormous update. So enormous that after running most of yesterday it was literally just over 50% when I went to bed last night. Unfortunately, it was only at 56% when I woke the computer this morning!
Who designs a large download to pause when the screensaver comes on?!
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I am feeling vastly better this morning. 

I got to bed at 11 last night (I meant to go to bed earlier, but zoned out in front of the TV and didn't realize how tired I was until I got up to do something). I finally got out of bed at 9:30 this morning. With a couple of delays and some minor interruptions (How do some people *still* have fireworks?!)  that was about ten hours of sleep, the last four in one solid block. (The rain helped with that.)

I have said more than once that if I can just get enough sleep I can recover from anything. More likely, once I'm finally in recovery mode I'm better able to sleep well. 

I just wish I had done this a couple of days earlier, so I could have made gaming last night. 
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Argh. I missed Saturday night gaming two weeks ago because I was exhausted after having a cat put down the day before. (As much from the relief of his suffering being over as from grief, I admit.) So, I really wanted to go last Saturday. I therefore went even though I hadn't slept well the night before. 

That was a mistake. I didn't participate much and actually dozed through part of it, which was no reflection on our novice game master but on my poor judgement. 

Then I had trouble staying awake to drive home. Which could have been Very Bad. 

I haven't slept well this week. Nothing serious; just off and on being a bit less than alert during the day. Mostly due to restless sleeping from multiple causes. One of them being a cat who has somehow picked up the habit of occasionally meowing loudly at random times of the day and night.

I had all those last night. Plus a leg cramp waking me at 7:20 (on a Saturday) then not being able to do more than doze afterwards. I finally gave up and got up early (at least for me on a Saturday morning) about an hour later. 

If I can't get a good nap - maybe after lunch - I won't be going to Lexington today. 

I hate missing again. However, as demonstrated last week, this could be a matter of safety. 

Addendum:  Looking back, I was a bit under the weather all week. I was even coughing up phlegm most mornings. I just thought it was allergies. Maybe it is allergies; with the weather we're having there's lots of dust in the air. 
Oh, well; I'm resting today and slowly feeling physically better, if not more alert. 
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A bit of the background history from the setting of my Masks stories:

October 29, 1955 In a landmark court case, a jury accepts a criminal mastermind's defense that he didn't intend his deathtrap to actually kill a costumed hero, but only delay him while the mastermind committed other crimes. It just happened that in this case the hero had a bad case of the flu and died due to being unable to escape in time. The jurors - and many others interviewed on the matter - say they had no problem believing this is the actual purpose of deathtraps, given how often they fail. The mastermind was subsequently found guilty of accidental manslaughter instead of murder. 

The first two Masks stories can be found at:


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Beautiful Mars panorama, brought to you by Opportunity: 
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We need art showing a tardigrade and Keith Richards toasting the Earth as it's swallowed by the Sun, billions of years from now. :-)
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Like so many of us, Congress is having problems with their medical bill.  

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